Music Tutoring

The Music Library offers music specific tutoring services. The services are free of charge. Simply reserve a time, provide your email address and you will get a Zoom meeting link sent to you. Topics covered by music tutoring can be for Sueta rhythm chart testing or from any of the following music courses:


Music Theory, Fundamentals of Music, Aural Skills,

Keyboarding Skills, Class Piano, Class Guitar, Music History 


Open Zoom tutoring sessions for music courses

Use the link below during any of the specified times to test for the Sueta rhythm book. You may also utilize these open sessions for general tutoring. To schedule tutoring at a different time, click here.

M/W - 8:30-9:30


T/TH - 9:30-10:30


Zoom Meeting 

Meeting ID: 514 213 0340

Passcode: minormajor