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Event Calendar

2023-2024 Concert Calendar
*All concerts begin at 7:00pm in the Performing Arts Center (PAC) on the Coon Rapids campus unless otherwise noted.*

November 30 - Talent Show! 7:30pm in the PAC
sponsored by the Music Appreciation Club and Theatre Club
December 4 - Chamber Ensembles, 2:00pm in M109
December 4 - Guitar and World Drumming Ensembles
December 7 - Concert Band and St
ring Orchestra
December 11 - AFA Recital

March 1 - Winter Jazz Blast (all day)
Performance by ARCC Faculty and JazzMN Orchestra, 6:30pm in the PAC
March 7 - All-Ensemble Concert at Faith Lutheran
March 18 - 29:11, 2:00pm in M109
Special guest artist from South Africa 
April 5 - Project Trio, 7:00pm in M109
Special guest artist, Improvisational Workshop from 4:00-5:30pm (M109)
April 22 - Choir Concert
April 25 - Concert Band and String Orchestra
April 29
 - Guitar and World Drumming Ensembles
May 2 - Jazz Ensemble
May 6 - AFA Recital
May 14 - Modern Band Festival

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