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The Music Department

Anoka-Ramsey Community College has the largest community college music department in the state of Minnesota and continues to grow! As a fully accredited music program by the National Association of Schools of Music, students on both the Cambridge and Coon Rapids campuses can participate in music and pursue an Associate of Fine Arts Degree. Graduates transfer to many colleges around the Midwest and the United States or begin their careers in music.

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Mission & Vision



The mission of the Anoka-Ramsey Community College Music Department is twofold:

1. Prepare students for careers and advanced study in music by offering an Associate of Fine Arts in Music.

2. Provide music as a general education offering to all students through classroom and performance courses.

In order to fulfill this mission, the Music Department makes the following commitments:

♪ To offer all the courses students need to transfer into four-year music degree programs.

♪ To prepare each Associate in Fine Arts Degree student with a solid foundation in music.

♪ To prepare students artistically, intellectually, and professionally for the challenging world in which musicians live.

♪ To encourage students to become supporters and advocates of music as an integral part of the human experience.

♪ To encourage students to develop an understanding and appreciation of the world of Art Music through general education.

♪ To provide opportunities for all students to participate in music ensembles.

♪ To provide opportunities for all students to explore individual studio instruction.

♪ To expose students to a diversity of global, historical and popular music.

♪ To offer music curricula of interest, integrity and innovation.

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