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Dave Schmalenberger

Percussion Faculty

(763) 422-6125

Dr. David Schmalenberger recently performed on drumset/percussion with the Laura Caviani trio, the Minnesota Orchestra, the Steeles, Karrin Allyson, Marilyn Maye, the Joan Hutton Jazz Project, the Daisy Dillman Band, Chuck Lazarus, Take That Back!, Cantus, the Florida Orchestra, Rebel Fiddle, the Jimmy Dorsey Orchestra, and the Childrens Theatre Company. He also recently recorded with vocalist Connie Evingson (“Sweet Happy Life”), guitarist David Singley (“Good Hope” and “The Long, Slow Fuse of Night”), trumpeter Chuck Lazarus (“Lovejoy” and “Merry and Bright”), the Laura Caviani trio with Chris Bates (“Mysterious Thelonius” and “Confluence”), Vicky Mountain and David Martin (“Play On”), and the Bill Simenson Jazz Orchestra (“Big Alpaca”).

Schmalenberger received his DMA in Percussion Performance and World Music from West Virginia University, Master of Music Degree in Orchestral Percussion from the University of Michigan, and Bachelors Degree in Jazz Studies from Capital University. David endorses Premier drums and Paiste cymbals.

Dave Schmalenberger
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