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ARCC Music Accompanist Policy

Each student must perform with an accompanist during Performance Hour and Juries each semester. Accompaniment will be provided by the Music CLA as long as all of the following policies are met:


1. Students will receive up to 1 hour of time with the accompanist in addition to the performances. There are two options:

  • Accompaniment for 30 minutes of lesson and 1 30-minute rehearsal

  • Accompaniment for 30 minutes of lesson and 2 15-minute rehearsals


2. Students are expected to book their lesson and rehearsal times at least TWO WEEKS in advance via the following link:











3. Students must prepare for the accompanist by providing the following TWO WEEKS in advance of the first meeting:

  • A physical printed copy of the accompaniment part, double-sided and 3-hole-punched, delivered to M203

  • Accompaniment part must include student’s desired metronome tempi for the entire piece

  • Accompaniment part must clearly indicate all changes from printed notation, such as cuts and repeats

  • Accompaniment parts must be in the correct key. Asking an accompanist to transpose on the spot in unacceptable.

  • Students will acknowledge the accompanist’s contribution in both the Performance Hour and Jury performances.


**Students failing to comply with these requirements are not guaranteed to receive professionally prepared accompaniment for their performances.**

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